Jun 182013

There was a big opening to the Caribbean tonight, nothing new for me but at one point NP4A in Puerto Rico was actually hitting the end stop on the S meter – really! After hearing him for well over an hour (by which time he was only peaking S9) I made this recording.

Play it all, there is a nice surprise at the end.

Click here to play the recording

Now that we know the equipment details of  the Jersey expedition I will create a separate page for it.

It is also about time that I did a 6m update, it has been pretty amazing at times.



Jun 122013


G4NOK will be active as GJ4NOK on 4m from the 5-8th July 2013 from La Moye in Jersey, Locator IN89VE. We will be QRV on CW, SSB and FSK441 for up to 8hrs on the 5th and 8th and 16-18 hrs on the 6th and 7th July. The site is excellent towards the UK so many of the UK operators should be able to work us on tropo. The activity also coincides with VHF National Field Day so we are sure to be in demand.

Operators are Robert M0RCX, Mick M6MWP and myself Conrad G0RUZ.

Jersey Amateur Radio Society have very kindly given us permission to operate 4m from their very well located shack at La Moye, IN89VE. I have operated on 2m eme, ms and tropo from this location in 2002 and it is an excellent site with sea path to much of Europe.

A link to my 2m operation may be seen here:

GJ0RUZ EME expedition

More information about Jersey Amateur Radio can be found here:

Jersey Amateur Radio Society

We have decided to use the club call rather than our individual calls to promote the co-operation between the 2 clubs, both of whom are RSGB members. We hope to have an article about the trip published.

I have advertised the dxpedition on the excellent make more miles on VHF and the 4m forum.

The posts can be seen here:

Make More Miles on VHF

The 4m Forum

Equipment will be a 7ele and full legal limit.

We have been very kindly sponsored by Linear Amp UK, The DX shop and HA1YA we will provide more details later and set up a separate page.

Without the kindness of the The DX shop , HA1YA and Jersey Amateur Radio Society this operation would not have been possible.


Jun 052013

Like a car manufacturer keeping their new designs under wraps until release date, NWRC has seen a few changes this week of which I am not going to publish but let you see for yourself on your next visit to the club.

In essence the possibility of SDR may well be greatly achievable within our budget if we purchase a used system .

Flex have had a bit of hype but the reviews on the Flex 3000 are quite impressive. Unfortunately we missed out on one at a steal of a price but we are keeping our eyes peeled and they seem to be more available in the UK than Apache Labs .

Use this link to see the Flex in action.

Conrad seems to have sorted the resolution of the wall display now and it’s looking much better. We were using it today to keep an eye on spots as we did some cabling work at the HF station.

We are keen to get our members hands on training and involvement with the club. In the past it has always been a bit of a sit and have a chat club but we would like to change that and encourage members of all levels and experience to share in the club experience.

Some good team working today with a fast black express delivery of some plugs from LAMS and Conrad and Mick sorting out the second HF Amplifier. It’s a loan unit and an Ameritron A811. Its assigned to HF whilst the new 6/4 dual band amplifier is under construction and the Acom is in use on the 6m station.

It works and rather well I am lead to believe although I wasn’t there to see it as i was demoted to lawnmower man and had the job of stimming back the nettles to create a non stingy pathway to HF and VHF towers.

Some automation of antennas has also taken place but how and what will be revealed on your next visit.

This Thursday I would like the HF Radio on and new members take turn to call CQ and get a few contacts under their belt. We will be there to guide you on logging and operating and assisting with any questions you have.

See You next time at the club.


Jun 052013


The EQSL has now been received at the shack for this contact.

The contact was barefoot at 100W and the tower was fully retracted (down).

I can see Electronic QSL being the way forward with QSLing in general. All our stations are configured to send these automatically when we log using HRD.

If you also check our QRZ page you will find that a live feed is entered on to the page of our most recent contacts. We therefore encourage members to use the logging software wherever possible.



Jun 052013


0001 UTC 17th AUGUST TO 2400 UTC 18th AUGUST 2013 (48 hours or part thereof)


This is a Special Event Station operated by North Wakefield Radio Club

Camping will be at World Farm which offers the highest focal point to Flamborough Head Light and close to the local bird sanctiry (Puffins).

This Annual event is normally a whole lot of fun and the pinnacle of the G4NOK calendar

Please watch for further postings detailing information on camping charges and directions.





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