Mar 142014

You may recall some time ago I placed a posting up stating that a remote access SDR was now available from my home QTH using the CCW SDR plus receiver.

After some initial problems, I have now upgraded this using a Funcube Proplus Dongle covering 0-2000Mhz .The CCW receiver will also be implemented at a later time enabling you to log into systems as follows:

Radio 1

CCW SDR4 + receiving HF and 6 only on a CCW active antenna

Radio 2

Funcube Dongle Proplus receiving 28 to 200 Mhz on a Discone Scanner Antenna

This will give you all chance to familiarise yourselves with the concept of SDR. For those of you visually impaired you can adjust the software to suit your own needs. Using Windows disability manager etc.

To access the service you first need to download and install the software:

Download the software here:

One it is installed click on the remote icon to bring up a server selection box. Open that and search for my callsign and double click it to assign my server to your software interface. When you select connect a drop down box will show the radios installed and soundcard. By default the soundcard is my PC soundcard. Use the arrow to the side of it to select the appropriate radio.

AS OF 14 MARCH I AM CONNECTED on HF AND 6 ONLY Using the dongleas the Discone antenna and CCW are not yet installed.






Mar 062014

G4NOK racks up another contest win on during the Tuesday night RSGB UK Activity Contest. You can see the info from the image below:


We entered the DX’ers section this time by accident! Had we entered the section I wanted to we would have been in 3rd place but we would have been further up the club tables, section AX does not count towards the Affiliated Society Score. Never mind.

These contests have very high activity levels now and any club member who can come on at all on 50, 70, 144, 432 and 1296 MHz on a Tuesday night between 8PM and 10:30 PM could really help our score. We are making some big improvements on all bands over the next few months and hopefully this will attract a few new members to have a go. Even 10W to a small antenna will make 30 QSOs or so on the bands below 70cms. On 23cms we only have about 3-4W at the antenna and we are making 16 QSOs at distances of up to 450kms!

Improvements are as follows, this is not idle talk the parts are either here or on the way.

Mono band antenna instead of dual band antenna – 6 elements on a 7m boom and a high dynamic range filtered mast head preamp to eek out those really weak contest stations.

Mono band antenna instead of dual band antenna – 7 elements on a 7m boom and a masthead preamp, this  antenna will make a significant difference

Big change – 6 antennas (yes 6)  Antennas are 2wl Xpol (H and V polarisation) 2 x masthead preamps and fully adaptive software defined radio, this means that when we are called by anyone on vertical or horizontal polarisation we will get the optimum signal from them. Power will increase to 400W (the amplifier is built and tested – needs a box), we currently have 100W from single 3wl yagi and no masthead preamp. This antenna system is going on a new separate mast. The rotator will be here this week and the antennas in 2 weeks time. This system should be really good! Feeder will be LDF5-50A to the tower base then Ecoflex15 up the tower.

We will have 2 x 21 ele tonnas initially and 400W from a new amplifier and transverter. Also a very low noise masthead preamp this will be on the same tower as the 6m and 4m antennas (maybe this is TBD). At the moment we have 45W at the antenna which is a single 21 ele tonna.

At the moment we have a single 55 ele tonna with about 3-4 watts at the antenna, we are due to collect a new 4 section 36ft versatower on the 4th April and we already have a 1.5M dish with a dual band 23/13cms feed. I have a new transverter, very low noise LNA and 60W amplifier on the way early next week.  Later on this will be increased to 250W, I have the bits to make such a beast.

A new band for G4NOK, we do not have an amplifier yet but I am looking at something around 60W, I also have a transverter and mast head preamp for this band. This band will use the same dish as the 23cms station. Problem is this band is on the same night as the 6m contest so I will need another operator.

Another new band for G4NOK, I have a 48cm Procom dish with a waveguide feed, transverter and 5W PA (although I need to raise £200 for the PA). I will build a preamp from some surplus stuff that is around. This will go on the same mast as the 1.5m dish.

So as you can see there is a lot of work to do but by the same token there is a lot of work being done. The preparation for the towers will start within the next week, the back of the shack will be cleared out, holes will be dug, concrete laid and coax will be buried. I can’t wait to see how that lot goes in the contests. It should be really good.


Conrad G0RUZ



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