Apr 302013



Maybe we will be lucky tonight. As I write this both 6m and 4m is open to Europe from the UK, this is the first proper Sporadic E opening of the season that I am aware of. If we are very lucky then there will be some Sporadic E during the contest, that would shake things up a bit.



  4 Responses to “4m contest tonight – First Sporadic E of the season!”

  1. Good luck with tonights contest hope you are lucky Karen M6KSD

  2. Thanks Karen. The contest went very well I felt, I was 18 minutes late on and didn’t realise that I was chasing locator square multipliers but taking raw scores we scored 2000 points more than ever before, averaged 158 points per QSO. Also managed to work Holland for the first time.

    The new antenna is very very quiet so I was hearing really well.


  3. Well done. I have had a chance to review claimed scores online. Although we are not in the leader board take a look at what was achieved on 16 watts. Most of the stations were on 160w. If you increase our power output and in combination with our increased receive we will be a formidable opponent.

    Its all good.

  4. There is a lot to it, each session is a learning curve. Had I bothered to read the rules for the contest I would have realised that I should have looked for locator squares as multipliers. I could have probably managed 14 quite easily which would have moved us up the table. This contest with 160W and similar conditions should yield 60-70 qsos quite easily.

    I think that I will have a go at the 2m contest in the restricted section next Tuesday with the IC7400. We can run 100W in that contest. Again looking for UK multipliers. I think that it is permissible for a spotter to be looking for UK squares in the background.

    Looks like the top fixed stations in the restricted section manage 120-140 QSOs on 2m in the same time frame.


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