Apr 092013

I didn’t do a very good job of the 1st RSGB 70 MHz contest I’m afraid.

There were a number of problems.

  • I was very tired & very grumpy – this never helps!
  • The conditions weren’t great – so QRP operation such as ours is at the moment really finds it hard going.
  • The Stihl saw noise was a little distracting from out on the patio.
  • The antenna rotator was challenging – I didn’t know where I was pointing the antennas most of the time and I couldn’t go out and check because I would have been drenched as the patio was being jet washed :)
  • One unfortunate operator who was nearby developed an intermittent RF feedback problem and at certain times large portions of the band were wiped out – this can happen to anyone.

Apparently I had awful audio again but fortunately Peter G4IZH was on hand to give me some help with this. Peter is a very technically minded chap who knows his onions and I am now pretty sure that things are fine. There are some settings on the TS-570D that should not be used! TX bandwidth and TX-EQ! They were wrong and sounded awful, no wonder no-one would talk to me. Mind you that wasn’t a problem on cw and they wouldn’t answer me there either.

I discovered something very interesting about the antenna that we are using as well; the front to back ratio is very poor.  I suspect that it is an assembly  issue because the data sheet for the antenna indicates that the antenna has very respectable front to back and the data is reputable.

I feel sure that the new antenna will make a considerable difference to our station performance as well.

We certainly need an amplifier, this will increase our signal by 10dB. That will hopefully be completed by the end of the month in time for the contest on the 30th.

Can’t wait to do the antenna work this coming weekend.

Conrad G0RUZ



  3 Responses to “4m contest”

  1. Thats disappointing to hear regarding the tx audio. Did you manage to get any reports after you and corrected it.

    We did a couple of contests before you returned to the club and did quite well working spain and scotland. We never had any poor audio reports apart from on fm where icom was overdriving transverter. Either way the antenna is down on saturday.

    I am hoping the beam correction can be done too and the forty metre add on as that is very important as we have a lot of hf users.

    Depending on the skip position we may have to tilt tower and the raise it whilst tilted. Last time we had to stand on skip. Obviously it would make sense to correct angle early on as rotating with extra element length will be . Can we mark the rotator and stub mast. 90 degrees is a quarter turn . Divide those marks in half and half again will give 45 degrees plus 22.5 degrees which is 67.5 degrees and not too far off where we want to be.

    Could do with a tall step ladder really but all be has is a small one. I have a higher wooden set at home but they will need footing well on uneven ground.

    Most of all it will be nice to build it n repair it the take. Look at cur handy work. Last time b built it on wall of patio.

    If it all goes well. Will fix collinear so there is 2 m and 6 available on 7400 or 910

    There is a lank port outside and coax feed into shack at back of 7400. Anything can be plugged in to it.

  2. Oh yes the TX audio is absolutely fine now Robert, it was a different radio to the one you used and operator trouble. Menus of stuff you don’t bloody need, there to trap the unwary – i.e me!

    Spain yes well that would be Sporadic E, none of that around at the weekend – bit early yet although it will be with us really soon.

    The liquid rubber stuff came from Innovantennas yesterday.


  3. Another 4m Contest for the diary an a stand alone one too.


    The site has the contest rles an submission sheets

    Our goal is to be well placed on the leaderboard.


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