Conrad G0RUZ

Apr 092013

I didn’t do a very good job of the 1st RSGB 70 MHz contest I’m afraid.

There were a number of problems.

  • I was very tired & very grumpy – this never helps!
  • The conditions weren’t great – so QRP operation such as ours is at the moment really finds it hard going.
  • The Stihl saw noise was a little distracting from out on the patio.
  • The antenna rotator was challenging – I didn’t know where I was pointing the antennas most of the time and I couldn’t go out and check because I would have been drenched as the patio was being jet washed :)
  • One unfortunate operator who was nearby developed an intermittent RF feedback problem and at certain times large portions of the band were wiped out – this can happen to anyone.

Apparently I had awful audio again but fortunately Peter G4IZH was on hand to give me some help with this. Peter is a very technically minded chap who knows his onions and I am now pretty sure that things are fine. There are some settings on the TS-570D that should not be used! TX bandwidth and TX-EQ! They were wrong and sounded awful, no wonder no-one would talk to me. Mind you that wasn’t a problem on cw and they wouldn’t answer me there either.

I discovered something very interesting about the antenna that we are using as well; the front to back ratio is very poor.  I suspect that it is an assembly  issue because the data sheet for the antenna indicates that the antenna has very respectable front to back and the data is reputable.

I feel sure that the new antenna will make a considerable difference to our station performance as well.

We certainly need an amplifier, this will increase our signal by 10dB. That will hopefully be completed by the end of the month in time for the contest on the 30th.

Can’t wait to do the antenna work this coming weekend.

Conrad G0RUZ



Apr 062013

Please Read – IMPORTANT stuff in ‘ere

Firstly thanks very much for the compliments on the website. I still have lots more to do and I hope to make the website a source of information for all amateurs and the forum the focal point of the club.

The Website and the Forum are different sites and each one needs it’s own login and a password.

I did this for a number of compelling technical reasons, in time I may be able to integrate the databases but there are risks with that.

So sorry you need to register for both sites.

There is absolutely nothing stopping you from using the same user name and password on both the website and the forum.

Members and none members and guests

At the moment the website does not have any protected content for members but it soon will have. Things like minutes of the AGM etc should not be visible to all and sundry.

If you want to leave comments then you will have to register on the website, leaving comments is helpful to other readers and me! There will be articles on there. I encourage people to submit their own articles soon. It can be anything radio related and don’t worry about spelling and grammar we have people who can do that.

Take G4RCG for instance, he has done contests from all over the place, a few photos and a few from John would be interesting. I’ll put some stuff up about VHF DX, little short articles are best. Tony could do a story about last years rally. The club does stuff and its time that people knew about it.

Don’t forget that you can subscribe so that when anything new is posted you are notified. At the moment I have to publish everything, we might change this. Once your first comment has been approved then after that your comments will appear immediately.

There are a few issues about membership types that I need to resolve:


Some people are not paid up members but have done loads for the club – people like G4RCG and Gerald G3SDY, not paid up members but they should have access to to most things – I’m going to call  them Affiliates, I’ll set them up with the right level of access they need only register. It would be nice to get old lapsed members back into the fold I’ll stick them in Affiliates as well. If anyone has a better name  for this group let me know!

  • Guests may register on the website, they are known as Free members, they can then leave comments at the moment I have restricted them to 90 days but in hindsight I will lift this restriction.
  • Then there are members – these are paid up members or at least should be – I could do with a list :) I have guessed a lot of it!


  • Guests can read limited sections of the forum but they cannot posts
  • There is a members section which will be for members only and affiliates
  • There is a committee forum that is only visible to the committee and anyone that the committee may invite from time to time

A lot of the traffic will be in the general section, however things like organisational matters between members for Special Event stations etc will only be visible to members and affiliates.

The committee forum is for us to talk about you – most won’t even know it’s there.

This is posted on the web and to the email server

Apr 012013

I offered to do a website at the AGM last week and I have been true to my word, there is not much here yet but there will be.

So this is still

Under Construction

The forum is the place for quick chats and questions, it can also be used much like the current yahoo mail reflector. I hope that we will be able to replace that over time and I hope that the forum becomes the hub of the club and is useful for everyone.

The forum can be found here



Apr 012013

This is where you’ll find news of events in the NWRC calendar as well as other items of general interest to the club members and other radio amateurs.

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