Bai du Tombeau NW Mauritius

Robert M0RCX will activate Mauritius Island during May 2014. He is due to fly out from Manchester on 29 April via a very short stop over in Dubai and arriving in Mauritius the following day.

Some Items are being shipped by cargo but some will be airline cargo to prevent not being able to operate immediately.

Although attending under his own call this is also as a representative of our club .

Robert has already tracked down one expat and will be liaising with him in the near future.

Despite a main interest in HF Robert will be keen to push JT65 HF whilst over there and allow a few stations to obtain a new square and a new country.


Equipment is primarily from Kenwood using both the TS480 sat at the TS590S.

A Hexbeam is currently on build from MW0JZE and I thank him for his Expedition price on this and speedy priority turn around.

It is likely Robert will use a homebrew rope yagi for 50Mhz pointing towards G.

Operating Frequencies

Subject to change but proposed as follows:

6 Metres Split
Phone 50.115 YES 5-10 up
CW 50.102 No
RTTY 50.600 No
JT65 50.276 No
6 Metres will have a fixed rope yagi pointing towards G/EU and a rotatable Hexbeam

10 Metres
Phone 28.440 YES 5-10 up
CW 28.012 No
PSK 28.120 No
RTTY 28.110 No
JT65 HF 28.076 No
Hexbeam restricted to 100W

12 Metres
Phone 24.945 YES 5-10 up
CW 24.906 No
PSK 24.920 No
RTTY 24.924 No
JT65 HF 24.917 No
Hexbeam restricted to 100W

15 Metres
Phone 21.255 YES 5-10 up
CW 21.012 No
PSK 21.080 No
RTTY 21.098 No
JT65 HF 21.076 No
Hexbeam restricted to 100W

17 Metres
Phone 18.120 YES 5-10 up
CW 18.086 No
PSK 18.100 No
RTTY 18.106 No
JT65 HF 18.102 No
Hexbeam restricted to 100W

20 Metres
Phone 14.210 YES 5-10 up
CW 14.012 No
PSK 14.070 No
RTTY 14.077 No
JT65 HF 14.076 No
Hexbeam restricted to 100W

30 Metres
Phone Data Mode and CW Only
CW 10.116 No
PSK 10.142 No
RTTY 10.137 No
JT65 HF 10.138 No
Hexbeam restricted to 100W

40 Metres
Phone 7.095 YES Up/Down
CW 7.012 No
PSK 7.035 No
RTTY 7.040 No
JT65 HF 7.039 No
Hexbeam restricted to 100W


These frequencies are a guide.

I will nearly always work split frequency and will regularly announce the frequencies on which I am listening. I will only make contacts on my transmitting frequency during the last few days of the DXpedition if the pile-ups have disappeared.

Typically, a DXpedition SSB station transmitting on 14195kHz will listen up in the range 14200 – 14220kHz. If I find we are operating on the same transmit frequency as another DXpedition I will move down around 5 kHz typically to 14190kHz and I will then listen down say between 14165 and 14185kHz so as to split the pile ups and avoid confusion. I propose initially to listen five to ten up.

Listen to the operator carefully. I will where practicable announce the 3B8/M0RCX callsign at least after every two QSOs and to announce the listening frequencies every five QSO’s.

I will not work by numbers; I feel that with good ears and equipment this is quite unnecessary. That said my operating power is restricted to 100w

Operating modes.

SSB is expected to be the most popular mode overall. The main reason for this, is that my CW skills are minimal and not up to handling large pileups. I will however attempt both JT65 HF and PSK Taking those bands out of the statistics, the DXpedition will strive to maintain a fair number of Data and SSB contacts.

In addition to the two “big” modes, look for the DXpedition on RTTY and occasionally ROS

Not Multi
The DXpedition will operate MINIMUM of 3 hours SSB and 3 hours Data Mode a day from one individual low power stations (100w), as band conditions permit. Being a lone operator station I will not be operating multi-band or multimode at the same time.

If i cannot operate due to family commitments (after all Im on holiday) I will announce this.


This is a low power mode and I am keen to allow as many stations as possible to get 3B8 into thir logbook. We can all work the big guns but some with small home QTH restrictions may be more able to gain a new country or square by using this mode.

The DXpedition will strive satisfy the needs of SSB users from all corners of the globe. I will however from time to time need to take a break from operating. QRX and QRT will be announced as required.

The majority of RTTY operation will be on 20m,

PSK31 & PSK63
No dedicated Schedule of operating time. Most data mode will be

There are no plans for 10 metre FM operating

Top Band, 160m
No operation on this band

LF Bands, 80m and 40m
No Scheduled Operation on 40 but will work it from time to time. Any plan to operate it will be announced. I will not be active on 80 metres. Due to airline restrictions antennas are restricted to wire antennas.

HF Bands and 6m Bands
A G3TXQ Hexbeam supplied by MW0JZE will be used for 20m thru 6m. A homebrew 4ele cubical quad will also be built on site using locally sourced bamboo. A 10m vertical wire antenna will also be deployed .

There are no plans to operate Sats

Moonbounce EME
There are no plans to operate Moonbounce

In Summary
The Mauritius DXpedition is a major (and expensive!) privately funded operation with no sponsorship. I will strive to make quality contacts with as many individuals as possible. In particular, I will aim to work those with a more modest set up, in addition to the big guns. Video clips and Audio Clips are most welcome. Please email me the links or post them on FB page 3b8/m0rcx.

  3 Responses to “3B8/M0RCX”

  1. The licence has now been approved and the PDF copy arrived by email this week.
    The rope yagi for 6m has now been scrapped and an alternative is sort. I am undecided on a fixed four ele commercially built antenna or a home brew quad or delta loop beam .
    The hexbeam has already been shipped.

    Subject to bandwidth I will activate the live camera feed again whilst operating as I did in Jersey.

    I have tried a few loggers and seem to have settled on ACLog for its ease of use. All I need is call, rst and name really and facility to export adif files. If it plotted on a maidenhead square even better.

    More to follow


  2. Have had a very nice chat with Clive 3B8CW a British expat resident in Mauritius. He has extended his hospitality to me over the coming weeks and may be able to loan a 6m yagi to me.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people in this hobby meet and become good friends. From a simple Skype call yesterday it seems we may have more in common with each other than we first thought.

    I am looking forward to meeting both Clive and other members of 3B8 fraternity during the next few weeks.

  3. Update 30 april. I have arrived at QTH but shipping is stuck at container depot and due to public holiday cannot access until after this time. I am therefore going to commence station setup on 1May in peparation to being QRV 2 May as originally proposed. Any problems I will update as required.

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