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What a fantastic site, antenna beaming North East

DXpedition 076

G4NOK were active as GJ4NOK on 4m from the 5-8th July 2013 from La Moye in Jersey, Locator IN89VE.

The Sporadic E was generally poor but we did hear, SV8YA for 30 seconds, the CT3 beacon for 2 hrs and best of all the  WG2XPN beacon in FM07!

The activity also coincided with VHF National Field Day and we managed to work 50 or so stations in that but we spent most of our time on meteor scatter.

If you worked us please sign our Guest Book

Logbook and QSL Info

This is a partial Logbook, all the NFD activity is yet to be added so if you worked us during this time don’t panic.

QSLs will be available via eQSL, or LoTW. Paper cards will be available via the bureau or direct once they are printed. We are hoping to get some nice photos to add to the cards.


QSL card rear cover

Equipment Details

  • Transceiver – ICOM IC7400
  • Transverter ME4T-PRO by HA1YA
  • Amplifier 3CX800 by Linear Amp – 300W with cable losses 150W at the antenna.
  • Antenna 7 ele long yagi by Powabeam/G4GQM/DX Shop – 7.2 m boom lenth
  • 35m of FSJ 4-50B and 20m Ecoflex 10 plus, this had 3dB loss!

Additional Info and Links

Operators were Robert M0RCX, Mick M6MWP and myself Conrad G0RUZ.

Jersey Amateur Radio Society very kindly gave us permission to operate 4m from their very well located shack at La Moye, IN89VE. It really is an excellent site, I would like to come back with 6m and 2m and for a week so I’d better have a word with the lads. Mick was working in HB9 on 2m from the car so the site definitely works.

More information about Jersey Amateur Radio can be found here:

Jersey Amateur Radio Society

We decided to use the club call rather than our individual calls to promote the co-operation between the 2 clubs, both of whom are RSGB members. We hope to have an article about the trip published.

The trip was a resounding success and a real team effort.

Without the kindness of the The DX shop , HA1YA and Jersey Amateur Radio Society this operation would not have been possible.


Conrad G0RUZ on behalf of North Wakefield Radio Club

  6 Responses to “GJ4NOK”

  1. Will be looking for you, “westies” on tropo from here, beaming over the South Downs from the northern bank of old father Thames where he meets the sea. Hope you have, “a good do” !.

  2. Hi DXpeditioneers!

    Good luck on GJ !

    Please also keep an ear open for the German stationons like me (DI2MN) that
    only can TX on 69950!

    Good DX and have fun!

    Bernhard DI2MN

  3. We have arrived! On the way to the shack to set up. Next post will be an announcement that we are qrv. Fingers crossed!

  4. Hi
    I hope good wx and condirtions for your Pedition.
    I hope also to work GJ and IN89 on 4m.
    I need split, because we in OH can not tx between 70,175 – 70,225 (CB challen 70,200 here).
    My favorite is 70,227 or 228 FSK441 (MS), cw, ssb (Es).
    Here 100W into 6-elm hm LFA

    73, GL & CUL on 4m de Hannu, OH3DP in KP10tt

    • Hannu sorry we never made it. We never worked anyone over 1800km on MS and of course the Es did not co-operate. We might go back and take 6m and 2m next time


      Conrad G0RUZ

  5. The QSL cards are on order from the printers. We have sent eqsls out to all those in our log but a limited edition qsl will also be sent to those requesting it. Both Conrad and myself have received some direct requests and for those sending greens we will send straight back to you on receipt of the cards.

    The delay is resulting from wishing to use our own photos taken at Jersey as opposed to stock images

    Ill update as and when cards go out

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