Aug 192013
Early Setup at Flamborough 2013

Early Setup at Flamborough 2013

A very big thank you to all of those that made Flamborough 2013 such a great success.

This year we ran five stations covering 2m, 12m, 20m, 17m and 40m.

This was not without problems however and the club will have appropriate band pass filters installed next year for 40, 20 and 17.

I suppose it was inevitable when then were all operating so close together.

Day 1
After switching 40m on at 6am and trying for about 40 minutes I managed to work 9Y4LAS in Trinidad and Tobago. This was the very first call for the new call GB4FL.

40 metres continued steady all day and ended at midnight with a call into Canada and 316 contacts made.

Day 2
No time for sleeping with Simon on site and the station was online at 0700 and worked almost endlessly until 2300 UTC attained approximately 540 contacts.

Reports were favourable and glowing comments of fantisimo audio, plus 60db and you are the loudest and strongest signal on the band.

GB4FCL did extremeley well and i think this is down to team working.

There certainly was some team working going on with operator and loggist rotation and backoffice support providing delivered meals and hot drinks.

The Site

I think it is a great shame we cannot operate from the head but the red tape and time limitations makes this so difficult. The application to use theland alone is 14 pages and East Yorkshire Council rumoured about applying an annual fee of £300.

It was not an easy decision to move to World farm but after I explained to the lighthouse station event organisers they were adamant that they would rather have us participate than not.

The farmer was very accomodating and supplied mains hookup to us . We had a dedicated area that did not interfere with other campers. He even told new arrivals what we were doing and and generated some interest for us and we received a few visits inside the shack during peak pile up conditions. They left enlighted.

I was too busy to take any photos but the stations looked the part and certainly promoted the club and Lighthouse weekend very well.

A very well done and thank you to all those participating


  4 Responses to “Flamborough 2013”

  1. Contacts for GB4FCL on 17 was 32 entries with best Russia on PSK 63 RK9RK

    Contacts for GB4FCL on 40 is 551 entries with best Dx Venezula YV5HNJ

    Contacts for GB4FL on 17 are 57 entries with best DxWest Malaysia 9M2MI

    Contacts for GB4FL on 40 are 316 entries with best Dx Trinidad 7M4LAS

    These have all been loaded to and are available for viewing on the relevant QRZ page for each call

  2. Great stuff lads & lasses, sorry that I couldn’t make it this year. The photo looks good and Robert’s verbal account to me on the phone sounded like a good time was had and yet again the team work was good.

    My pledge to the club is – give me 6 months and I’ll design, build, test and commission some really good band pass filters to help with co located transmitters.

    Its a promise!

  3. Excellent time was had, though no where near as many QSO’s as the 40M team & station with ‘contest like’ numbers in the log.

    Some stats from the 20M station, a FT-920, 100W, and a Vertical Dipole

    GB4FL had 79 QSO’s with the best DX being JA5AQC, in Japan.

    GB4FCL had 88 QSO’s with the best DX being UA9LL, in Asiatic Russia.

    The co-located transmitters on site did make things a little difficult at times, with Conrad’s vow to build some band pass filters, the next time the club does an event/contest like this, it should be a complete success, but hey, we’re Amateurs, and we had fun doing it! 73 all. 2E1FVS

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