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G4NOK will be active as GJ4NOK on 4m from the 5-8th July 2013 from La Moye in Jersey, Locator IN89VE. We will be QRV on CW, SSB and FSK441 for up to 8hrs on the 5th and 8th and 16-18 hrs on the 6th and 7th July. The site is excellent towards the UK so many of the UK operators should be able to work us on tropo. The activity also coincides with VHF National Field Day so we are sure to be in demand.

Operators are Robert M0RCX, Mick M6MWP and myself Conrad G0RUZ.

Jersey Amateur Radio Society have very kindly given us permission to operate 4m from their very well located shack at La Moye, IN89VE. I have operated on 2m eme, ms and tropo from this location in 2002 and it is an excellent site with sea path to much of Europe.

A link to my 2m operation may be seen here:

GJ0RUZ EME expedition

More information about Jersey Amateur Radio can be found here:

Jersey Amateur Radio Society

We have decided to use the club call rather than our individual calls to promote the co-operation between the 2 clubs, both of whom are RSGB members. We hope to have an article about the trip published.

I have advertised the dxpedition on the excellent make more miles on VHF and the 4m forum.

The posts can be seen here:

Make More Miles on VHF

The 4m Forum

Equipment will be a 7ele and full legal limit.

We have been very kindly sponsored by Linear Amp UK, The DX shop and HA1YA we will provide more details later and set up a separate page.

Without the kindness of the The DX shop , HA1YA and Jersey Amateur Radio Society this operation would not have been possible.


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  1. I have created a EQSL for this event and it is currently sat in Moderators inbox for approval before I can attach it to this post.

    I have to say I and the rest of the team are quite excited about this event despite it being somewhat short notice for everyone.

    We are off to North wales borders tomorrow to RV with The DX Shop and collect the antenna and amplifier. I was hoping to get it all in the car but longest section is approximately 2.5 metres.

    Conrad has ben in contact with Radcom and although it was too late to appear in the current edition it will feature in a future one and are interested to put a full review in the magazine. I have therefore decided to take a professional photo kit with me and get some awesome inspiring shots of the team at work and installing the station. Chances are I won’t feature in them as I am always behind the lens.

    There are many other opportunities on Jersey and the club may well make a larger expedition over there in the future utilising hostel accommodation which are radio friendly. I have found at least three such places and there is opportunity to work radio or find time for shopping or simply take in the rays on one of the stunning local beaches. This event however has had to be assembled quickly to make maximum potential from available Sporadic E conditions.

    The team are self funding the venture to enable the club to grow and mature in membership and as such are eternally grateful to the sponsors we have to date at The DX Shop. Conrad is also in negotiation for loan of a transvertor from HA1YA. (http://ha1ya.config.hu/)

    More info to follows as it emerges:



  2. An example of streaming media can be found here:


    This a French Station streaming live now

    Ours will be similar to this


  3. Still a lot of work going on in the background here:

    A real team effort I have to say.

    Conrad has done operating checks on the loan amplifier and transverter and have to say working incredibly well. I am sure a full report of trials will we made available shortly but encouraging to say the least.

    Mick is on with ancillaries such as sourcing leads and plugs we may require and I have been on with Internet side of things.

    A dedicated web stream is now fully operational with our club logo and embedded into the qrz page of http://www.qrz.com/db/GJ4NOK.

    It may also be found at http://g4nok.camstreams.com/

    It has audio feed too and is similar to other hams operating in this area such as the French Stations. If you cannot see anything at all it simply means we are not online yet.

    I don’t think its prudent to have a live stream of blackbirds in the garden from home as it doesn’t promote the event but I will bring laptop up to the shack next week to conduct trials in a live operating environment and check audio levels etc.

    Hopefully you will have an opportunity to share in the experience with us.

    At the moment I have it set up on an integrated camera from laptop but may well add an external webcam on a higher elevation to provide better coverage. We will see how we get on.

    Keep checking in for more updates.


    • well it wont be long now before robert,mick and conrad are off on there great dxepedition to jersey,imsure a good time will be had by all,and all the hard work thats gone into this will be worth.may i take this time to say have a great adventure and a safe journey.see you when you get back.good luck.karen 73s

  4. I never knew there was so much to do in respect of this but we are nearly there. We are all looking forward to it although I am hoping there will be no port forwarding problems to get the cam working over there.

  5. Careful with your calls abroad guys

    Channel Islands (Jersey)

    Standard roaming charges.
    Making/Sending Receiving
    Voice call to UK & countries in the same band 20.4p / min 5.9p / min
    Voice call to countries in different bands £1.40 / min 5.9p / min
    Text messages 8.1p / message Free
    Video calls £2 / min £1.50 / min
    Internet & Data 38.2p / MB 38.2p / MB
    Picture Messages 35.7p / message (to UK nos) & 36p / message (to non-UK nos) Free
    Video Messages 38.2p / message (to UK & non-UK nos) Free
    Applies to all calls & messages to any standard landline or mobile. Prices are shown including VAT

  6. Not for me. I have Vodafone Euro-traveller which for £3 a day makes all of it the same as my UK tariff. I will be switching that on so that I don’t have any nasty surprises.

    I suspect other providers have similar schemes. Mind you I’ll be too busy to talk on the phone.

  7. well,Robert,Mick,Conrad are going to jersey,well guy it wont be long now,just wanted to say have a safe journey,enjoy your dxexperdition,but most of all have a great time and try and catch a few rays.it will be great experence for all off you.(but guys dont forget my pressie).take care karen m6ksd 73s

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