Jan 112015

It has been a while since any updates have been posted here but there have been a number of things going on. The club has been steadily making improvements including remote control of some aspects of the shack. This work is ongoing but should be fully operational for the Spring. The use of remote control of club stations is being debated quite heavily at national level but it is anticipated that there will be changes. NWRC will be ready once the remote operation of club stations is allowed.

A new 2m antenna and mast head preamp has been installed and it is working very well. A few stations have been worked on EME with only 100W!  Also lots of excellent meteor scatter contacts have been made. We also have a 7 ele up for 4m which is also working very well indeed.

The AGM will be held at the end of February, more news to follow.

2m Yagi (23)

The new 4m and 2m antennas at G4NOK



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