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  2 Responses to “Join Us”

  1. Hi, I’m a scout leader in Cross Gates, Leeds. We normally run a Jamboree on the Air station from Wike scout campsite (northeast of Leeds), but our normal operator M5ADA can’t make it this year and I’m trying to find someone who could stand in to help us out on Saturday 19th October. We will have ~100 scouts and cubs on site doing a variety of activities, one of which would be having the chance to listen in to the other JOTA stations and making contact with other scouts from the UK and abroad. We have a building on site with mains power and we have previously strung up temporary aeriels for M5ADA (nothing as neat as the picture from your Flamborough trip). If you know of anyone in your club who might be prepared to put with a stream of generally shy cubs and scouts, we would be very grateful to hear from them. We would keep you plied with coffee and food through the day and would provide an adult supervisor throughout the event so that you don’t have to worry about “crowd control”.
    Any offers, or suggestions of elsewhere to try would be gratefully received.
    David van Kesteren

    • Hello David I will be discussing this with other club members and I have also circulated your message via email.

      I have removed your phone number for security purposes but I am sure that someone will be in touch.


      Conrad Farlow G0RUZ

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