Mar 142014

You may recall some time ago I placed a posting up stating that a remote access SDR was now available from my home QTH using the CCW SDR plus receiver.

After some initial problems, I have now upgraded this using a Funcube Proplus Dongle covering 0-2000Mhz .The CCW receiver will also be implemented at a later time enabling you to log into systems as follows:

Radio 1

CCW SDR4 + receiving HF and 6 only on a CCW active antenna

Radio 2

Funcube Dongle Proplus receiving 28 to 200 Mhz on a Discone Scanner Antenna

This will give you all chance to familiarise yourselves with the concept of SDR. For those of you visually impaired you can adjust the software to suit your own needs. Using Windows disability manager etc.

To access the service you first need to download and install the software:

Download the software here:

One it is installed click on the remote icon to bring up a server selection box. Open that and search for my callsign and double click it to assign my server to your software interface. When you select connect a drop down box will show the radios installed and soundcard. By default the soundcard is my PC soundcard. Use the arrow to the side of it to select the appropriate radio.

AS OF 14 MARCH I AM CONNECTED on HF AND 6 ONLY Using the dongleas the Discone antenna and CCW are not yet installed.






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