Flamborough Lighthouse

Flamborough Lighthouse

The “new” Flamborough lighthouse (actually built in 1806) stands guard as a silent sentinel, protecting shipping off Flamborough Head. Less silently, the fog horn station, perched on the very cliff, sounds the arrival of fog and frets.

The lighthouse was built by John Matson of Bridlington without the use of scaffolding, is 85 feet tall and stands atop a chalk cliff 170 feet high. The lamp mechanism rotates constantly on a bed of mercury.

Further back from the coast is the old Beacon light tower, dating from circa 1674, and the only known example in England. Recent restoration work has cast doubt on whether a fire was ever actually lighted atop the structure. It now stands, a gleaming monument to the rightful awe in which mariners beheld the jagged, dangerous coast.

There was a lighthouse at Flamborough, however, long before the present one was built. The octagonal chalk tower is in fact the oldest surviving lighthouse in England. It was built in 1674 by Sir John Clayton, who was given permission to build three light towers around the country by King Charles II. Dues were to be collected from ships sailing around the headland. However, Clayton went Bankrupt before he could build the other two. The tower was designed for a coal or brushwood fire to be lit on its top but whether it was ever used is a mystery.

Early Setup at Flamborough 2013

Early Setup at Flamborough 2013

2013 Report with new calls

A very big thank you to all of those that made Flamborough 2013 such a great success.

This year we ran five stations covering 2m, 12m, 20m, 17m and 40m.

This was not without problems however and the club will have appropriate band pass filters installed next year for 40, 20 and 17.

I suppose it was inevitable when then were all operating so close together.

Day 1
After switching 40m on at 6am and trying for about 40 minutes I managed to work 9Y4LAS in Trinidad and Tobago. This was the very first call for the new call GB4FL.

40 metres continued steady all day and ended at midnight with a call into Canada and 316 contacts made.

Day 2
No time for sleeping with Simon on site and the station was online at 0700 and worked almost endlessly until 2300 UTC attained approximately 540 contacts.

Reports were favourable and glowing comments of fantisimo audio, plus 60db and you are the loudest and strongest signal on the band.

GB4FCL did extremeley well and i think this is down to team working.

There certainly was some team working going on with operator and loggist rotation and backoffice support providing delivered meals and hot drinks.

The Site

I think it is a great shame we cannot operate from the head but the red tape and time limitations makes this so difficult. The application to use theland alone is 14 pages and East Yorkshire Council rumoured about applying an annual fee of £300.

It was not an easy decision to move to World farm but after I explained to the lighthouse station event organisers they were adamant that they would rather have us participate than not.

The farmer was very accomodating and supplied mains hookup to us . We had a dedicated area that did not interfere with other campers. He even told new arrivals what we were doing and and generated some interest for us and we received a few visits inside the shack during peak pile up conditions. They left enlighted.

I was too busy to take any photos but the stations looked the part and certainly promoted the club and Lighthouse weekend very well.

A very well done and thank you to all those participating


  One Response to “GB4FL/GB4FCL”

  1. GB2FCL and GB2FL have been changed slightly this year as the original NOV for the Head is still assigned to our former chairman. Ofcom suggested GB4 to replace GB2. The new operating is from the World Farm Campsite at Flamborough Head and fulfills Ofcom requirements of Special Event Station. (I asked)!

    I have applied for and now hold the new NOV’s for all bands and there is no hassle with permission from East Yorkshire Council to use their land.

    Setting up and putting away daily has always been a headache and I am hoping this year it will be more relaxed. No driving so can have a beer if you wish and all facilities in one spot.

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