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The International Museums Weekend 2014 Special Event.

For well over a decade now, there has been an extremely popular and extremely well supported annual amateur radio special event, by the name of the International Museums Weekend (IMW). The majority of those taking part in the event have been in the United Kingdom, but with a few radio amateurs taking part from the rest of the world. For the 2014 IMW, the members of the IMW administration team are hoping to make the event a truly in international one, with great deal more participation from beyond the UK’s borders.

The basic idea of the event is to set up and operate an amateur radio special event station, from absolutely any type of location which might be broadly classified as a museum. In the UK we have had stations set up in castles, preserved WW2 warships, air museums, railway museums, radio museums, preserved jails, agricultural museums and even doll museums – in fact the event has involved over 270 different museums over the years. The possibilities of finding a suitable venue are almost without limit. The sites have been operated by teams from clubs or just a lone operator. Irrespective of the location, those taking part have always had a great time and the operators were generally invited back for the following years by the museum’s curator, pleased with the extra visitors and publicity the event has generated.

Apart from the enjoyment for the operators the event is intended to help spread the word for amateur radio, in some of the regularly visited locations by members of the public – the museums.

The 2014 IMW will take place on the two weekends of the 14th/15th and 21st/22nd June. More details about the event, its history and how to register to take part can be found at is absolutely no cost involved for taking part, nor is there any cost for the range of IMW Awards.

73 john m0hem

​Publicity Officer

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