Jun 182013

There was a big opening to the Caribbean tonight, nothing new for me but at one point NP4A in Puerto Rico was actually hitting the end stop on the S meter – really! After hearing him for well over an hour (by which time he was only peaking S9) I made this recording.

Play it all, there is a nice surprise at the end.

Click here to play the recording

Now that we know the equipment details of  the Jersey expedition I will create a separate page for it.

It is also about time that I did a 6m update, it has been pretty amazing at times.



May 022013

I rushed to the club from work hoping to catch some of the African stations that were around this afternoon on 6m. The shack had been further improved by Robert and Mick P, they had set up the IC7400 on 6m and 4m and so it took no time for me to figure out that I’d missed the really juicy stuff. I found a huge signal on 50.099 cw TF8GX, I gave him a call and we exchanged 599 both ways. It was only much later on that I realised that the first 5 QSOs that I had were with 5W, truly QRP! We reduce the drive in order to drive the 4m transverter.

It was very enjoyable to work a few stations on Sporadic E after such a long lay off.

Thanks to Mick and Robert for making everything so comfortable – great job. I hope that people enjoyed the little opening that we had, I did listen on 4m for a bit but nothing doing.

Here is a summary of what I worked.

QSOs with the new 6m beam, first 5 QSOs with 5W!

QSOs with the new 6m beam, first 5 QSOs with 5W!

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