Apr 132013

Today we did some antenna work and boy was there some work involved. In fact we haven’t finished yet!

What struck me was the fantastic sense of teamwork involved, there was quite a few of us there and everyone did more than their fair share of graft.

Antenna work party attendees were:

  • Robert M0RCX
  • Mick M6MWP
  • Simon M6BRH
  • Karen M6KSD
  • Tony G0JVI

Simon, Karen and Mick took care of the huge task of pulling out the old coax and threading through the new Ecoflex 10 plus for 6m and 4m and the new run of RG213. All sorts of superfluous cable was also removed, a huge sweaty and difficult job well done!

Robert luffed over the tower and set about fitting the new 40m extension to the A3 HF beam. That thing is huge by the way. Due to the increased windload we replaced the stub mast with something considerably more substantial.

Tony and I assembled the new 6m/4m Innovatennas 12 ele dual bander. We spent a lot of time making sure everything was spot on. I wouldn’t want to ruin Justin G0KSC’s careful design work due to sloppy assembly. I have to say that the quality of construction of this antenna is without doubt the best I have ever seen. I can barely wait to try it tomorrow.

So we have some finishing off to do, but we will be there bright an early in the morning. There will be some photos as well.

Just to finish I’d like to say that I have never known such a spirit of cooperation and team work before, makes me really proud to be a member of North Wakefield Radio Club. I say this in all sincerity and I haven’t had a drop of alcohol! Credit where credit is due.

Thanks to all.

Conrad G0RUZ



  6 Responses to “Teamwork”

  1. Yes well done and thanks everyone.

    It looks like steptoes back yard at the moment but it will be worth it in the end.

    Updates tomorrow with pictures



  2. Yes i agree with Robert and Conrad well done to everyone for all the hard work and time thats been put in’It will be worth all the hard work in the end and not having all thoseugly looking wires running in the shack.it was all teamwork,well done .Karen M6KSD The Club Secretary.

  3. Update with pictures is on hold.

    We have had a right day with the weather blowing force 8 over the bow so to speak.
    I got half way up s ladder and changed my mind

    Instead Conrad and Tony have been calibrating the pot for HF and Mick and myself have been measuring and bundling coax and cables for selling

    The cable for the co linear was 40 metres in length and even had a join in if to so would have been nearer fifty when fitted.

    The broken co linear is quite corroded so we are putting a Triband up in its place. The old one is being recycled to become a guy support for the VHF beam

    The pot is well time consuming to say the least and not helped by two different sets of instructions with completely different values in them. I think at end of play it was about 15 degrees off on 180 degree.

    The shack is a little more disorganised than usual due go prepping stock for sale.

    I’m sure Conrad will update you all on the rotator issues.

    Thanks everyone


    • sorry i didnt make it on sunday,The weather was far to windy and dangerous for anyone to be climbing ladders.but it gave Robert and Mick a chance to sort all those wires out ready to be sold,i know the shack looks like a bombs it but it will soon be back to how it should look nothing out of place and very clean and tidy.as for the new antennas they will be up and working before you know it.thanks again for all the hard work thats been put in so far.Thanks
      Conrad G0RUZ
      Mick M6MWP
      Tony G0JVI
      Thanks Guys
      Karen M6KSD

  4. Conrad and I have been up today and the wind was down and sun was out. The antennas are on and look awesome.

    It was a bit tricky with the long wire in he way but that simple rope on it allowed us to clear it within millimetres literally.

    Unfortunately we lost lighting but the coax will be done later in he week.

    On the first rotate the antennas slipped but was quickly identified to an oversight on my part in that the six though bolts retaining the stub mast in the rotator were not as tight as they needed to be. this was easily rectified and added the the learning experience.

    It is expected all this effort will heed great results with improved performance and significantly reduced losses in the shorter coaxial runs.

    The biggest hurdle so far has been the pro.sis.tel control box. In short the internet is a great source of information but unfortunately what you read is not necessarily true.

    Conrad managed to obtain the correct version from a reputable source and nowbits calibrated.

    We still have have to fit a guy support for the vhf tower so this can be done when coax is fitted. Its measured already as to where it needs to be. We will then have to do a part raise/rotate/lower to attach cable to the other end and secure, then we are done.


    • Well Done to Robert and Conrad for putting the antennas up i bet they do maginficent i havent had a chace to see them yet.im sure it will work perfectly when its fully completed.great job guys.from Karen M6KSD.

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