Nov 112013

I have left a note with Carol at RSGB to confirm our exam status. Both Conrad and I have completed Assessor vetting forms and these will be sent off this Friday.

These may take two months to approve.

I am in contact with Steve Hartley from RSGB trainers sourcing the best training slides and information available which we can tailor to our needs.

Im sorry it is a long slog but we were left in the lurch a little.

We are hoping to get a batch of M6 and 2E processed in the new year.

I see no reason why we cant start getting to grips with some basic elements such as tuning a radio, re connecting and SWR tuning etc.

Other practicals such as morse awareness and making a qso can only be done whilst on a dedicated course.

Ill update you with progresss.


  One Response to “Training Update”

  1. I have had a letter back which basically says thanks for applying, we’ll get back to you when we have been provided with references from the people that you listed on your application.

    We’re getting there…..



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