North Wakefield Radio Club will be much more active on VHF in 2014.

Hopefully by the end of the Spring we will be on 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cms and 23cms, this of course is heavily dependent on people’s spare time and the weather. I know that many of us struggle for spare time during the run up to Christmas and I’m no exception, I can never put my finger on exactly why but it happens every year.

We already have good stations for 6m and 4m so G4NOK will be on for the majority of contests on  that band.

VHF Bands Status  and Plans

This is supplemental info to Robert’s individual report on 4m band progress.

I have been building amplifiers and control boards and have LDMOS amplifiers for all bands except 70cms part built, this takes a long time. I find that the metal work is by far the biggest challenge for me these days as I just don’t have the facilities I once had. This results in much higher costs as 3rd parties have to be involved.

2m is an interesting case; we have a new 2m LDMOS amplifier and a good quality LNA. What is needed is an antenna – in the interim the existing Eagle BVO2 3WL yagi will be repaired and brought back to its former glory. However I have a strong interest in coming back on EME on 2m. I have a load of aluminium square tube (I mean 100 x 4m lengths of it) that I actually forgot about! So I am seriously considering building an 8 x 1.6WL array – this will be very compact indeed, will work well in contests and more importantly will survive the wind. As it will be in a 4 x 2 configuration and the antennas are short it will be good for terrestrial use.

70cms and 23cms will be single long yagis but with a good RX and plenty of power – I have a  250W on 23cms LDMOS PA PCB built and tested and I have a proven design for 70cms. I expect to have the PCB for that in next few weeks.

There is a lot to do but the winter is the time for building.

Anyone interested in VHF or VHF contesting generally please let me know. It would be good if we could get a few people on and put an affiliated society entry in eventually.


Conrad G0RUZ

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