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The club has just started using software to assist in further afield contact on 2m and above using the reflected scatter produced by a passing aircraft.

In a nut shell, DL2ALF has kindly produced a program that enables you to enter your station’s details and the details of the station you wish to contact. The software draws an imaginary line between the two and provides both users with a beam heading to direct to.

At midpoint in the calculation is a desired area for the best likelihood of reasonable scatter. The map inter connects with on-line real-time flight data and provided a super imposed moving display of aircraft on the screen.

It is easy to see at a glance when and where the aircraft will pass.

Robert is off to Aviemore week Commencing 25 January and is hoping for a schedule on Thursday evening to enable club members to experience the software in use.

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  One Response to “Aircraft Scatter”

  1. I have been using it quite a lot to make QSOs on both CW and Data on 2m and 70cms. The ERP is a little low for 23cms at the moment but in a few weeks we will have 60W on 23cms which will make it the easiest band. For anyone interested in VHF and above with limited space for antennas this has got to be the best mode, you don’t need a fantastic site either.


    Conrad G0RUZ

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