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Map of worked squares NA on 6m G0RUZ


Comments from Conrad G0RUZ

I was really active on 6m during the peak of the last sunspot cycle and I will try to be active again, I will never be able to put the hours in that I did back then because of work and the fact that I am a married man! I will be operating from IO93FR at North Wakefield Radio club’s shack. Currently I’m using a TS590, an ACOM 1000 amplifier and an G0KSC dual band 4m/6m 6 ele. The old 6M7 that was up for 9 years finally got damaged in  2010 and was not replaced. I have got very interested in 4m now that more countries are active and I’m happy to take the slight reduction in gain on 6m in order to have access to the very exiting 4m band.  I am building an LDMOS amplifier for 6m and 4m which should be ready in about 3 more weeks from now. Here is an up to date table of countries worked on 6m from IO93FR , you can display up to 100 at once although I have set it to 20 entries as a default.

You can also search the table by prefix as well as callsign if you think that you might know it.

Currently there are 179 different DXCC worked on 6m form NWRC

Below the table is a map showing large worked squares, IO, JO, JN etc. Click on the map for a full sized image. There are also thumbnails of the regions: Europe, North America, South America,

DXCC PrefixCallDate 1st workedTime (UTC)
1AØ (Sov. Mil. Order of)1AØKM23/07/200011:42
3A (Monaco)3A/OH2BC03/07/200014:43
3C (Equatorial Guinea)3C5I16/10/199913:32
3V (Tunisia)3V8CB26/07/200117:16
3W, XV (Vietnam)XV3AA12/11/200109:53
3X (Guinea)3XY7C06/11/200213:59
4O (Montenegro)4O3A07/06/201016:45
4U_ITU (ITU HQ)4U1ITU30/08/200117:34
4X, 4Z (Israel)4X1IF25/07/199518:31
5A (Libya)5A1A09/08/200119:04
5B (Cyprus)5B4FL28/10/199916:17
5R-5S (Madagascar)5R8FU03/07/200116:24
5T (Mauritania)5T6E13/06/199520:35
5U (Niger)5U6W12/02/200210:30
5X (Uganda)5X1GS20/10/200014:52
6V-6W (Senegal)6W4RK13/01/200211:03
6Y (Jamaica)K2KW/6Y526/11/200114:14
7Q (Malawi)7Q7RM06/05/200016:02
7T-7Y (Algeria)7X2GX04/06/201017:21
8P (Barbados)8P9HW20/06/200021:04
8Q (Maldives)8Q7QQ26/10/200010:08
9A (Croatia)9A2OB19/06/199517:03
9G (Ghana)9G5AN29/10/200108:53
9H (Malta)9H5EE25/06/199516:33
9I-9J (Zambia)9JBO20/07/199917:18
9L (Sierra Leone)9L1AB10/11/200215:31
9M2, 4 (West Malaysia)9M2TO26/10/200109:30
9M6, 8 (East Malaysia)9M6EVT09/11/200109:53
9U (Burundi)9U5D22/02/200211:24
9V (Singapore)9V1UV09/11/200109:26
9Y-9Z (Trinidad & Tobago9Z4BM07/07/200112:47
A4 (Oman)A45XR07/12/200112:28
A9 (Bahrain)A92IO04/06/201016:10
BY,BT (China)BG7OH12/11/200111:08
C3 (Andorra)C31HK22/05/200013:29
C5 (The Gambia)C56JHF20/11/200211:57
C6 (Bahamas)C6AGN25/12/200113:42
CA-CE (Chile)CE4WJK20/08/200119:53
CM, CO (Cuba)CO2OJ25/12/200113:44
CN (Morocco)CN8LI21/05/200018:53
CT (Portugal)CT1DWW13/06/199517:00
CT3 (Madeira Is.)CT3FT13/06/199516:45
CU (Azores)CU3URA22/05/200011:55
CV-CX (Uruguay)CX1CCC31/05/200018:27
D4 (Cape Verde)D44CF29/10/200111:25
DA-DL (Fed. Rep. of GermDL2GSD25/06/199517:02
DU-DZ (Philippines)DU1EV26/10/200108:47
E3 (Eritrea)E3ØTA20/10/200014:32
E4 (Palestine)E4X04/06/201021:06
E7 (Bosnia-Herzegovina)T97V25/07/199517:50
EA6-EH6 (Balearic Is.)EH6/DF5JJ30/06/199513:47
EA8-EH8 (Canary Is.)EH8ACW13/06/199520:48
EA9-EH9 (Ceuta & MelillaEH9IB21/05/200018:57
EA-EH (Spain)EH1DVY/P13/06/199519:11
EI-EJ (Ireland)EI7GL06/04/200021:22
ER (Moldovia)ER5OK03/06/200016:26
ES (Estonia)ES2RW19/06/199522:18
ET (Ethiopia)9E1S27/10/200010:46
EU, EV, EW (Belarus)EW6DI30/05/200019:36
EX (Kyrgystan)EX8MLT29/01/200209:02
EY (Tajikistan)EY8MM28/05/200013:07
F (France)F6GMT19/06/199517:01
FG (Guadeloupe)FG5BG23/06/200115:03
FH (Mayotte)FH/TU5AX28/05/200016:17
FM (Martinique)FM5WD24/12/200112:43
FP (St. Pierre & Mique)FP/NN9K29/07/200114:49
FR (Reunion)FR5DN25/05/200016:13
FS (Saint Martin)FS/W6JKV02/07/200217:16
FY (French Guiana)FY/W7XU29/10/200012:34
G, GX (England)GØCUZ16/06/199515:39
GD, GT (Isle of Man)GDØTEP/P08/04/200014:34
GI, GN (Northern IrelandGIØOTC06/04/200021:26
GJ, GH (Jersey)GJØNYG/P10/06/200014:28
GM, GS (Scotland)GM3POI28/10/199916:08
GU, GP (Guernsey)GU6AJE06/04/200022:45
GW, GC (Wales)GWØGHF05/05/200011:46
HA, HG (Hungary)HA8BE16/06/199517:46
HB (Switzerland)HB9LO16/07/199516:40
HBØ (Liechtenstein)HBØ/DKØFT16/07/199516:23
HC8-HD8 (Galapagos Is.)HC8N23/11/200013:33
HC-HD (Ecuador)HC2FG25/11/200013:01
HH (Haiti)HH7PV02/01/200213:21
HI (Dominican Republic)KP4EOR/HI20/06/200013:40
HJ-HK (Colombia)HK3AVR29/10/200114:09
HKØ (San Andres & Provi)HKØGU22/11/200114:45
HO-HP (Panama)HP2CWB29/10/200113:45
HQ-HR (Honduras)JA6WFN/HR30/12/200113:08
HV (Vatican)HV5PUL28/04/200011:46
HZ (Saudi Arabia)HZ1MD11/07/200116:01
I (Italy)IT9THD18/06/199511:07
IS, IM (Sardinia)ISØQDV18/06/199511:12
J2 (Djibouti)J28FF20/10/200013:53
J8 (St. Vincent)J87AB20/06/200020:49
JA-JS (Japan)JF2VNV04/11/200010:01
JT-JV (Mongolia)JTØYAB06/06/201018:21
JX (Jan Mayen)JX7DFA01/06/200021:27
JY (Jordan)JY9NX19/05/200010:10
K,W,N, AA-AK (United StaW3EP19/06/199522:58
KG4 (Guantanamo Bay)KG4DX17/01/200214:32
KP2 (Virgin Is.)KP2BH25/12/200113:01
KP4 (Puerto Rico)KP4EIT20/06/200013:13
LA-LN (Norway)LA6MV21/07/199517:24
LO-LW (Argentina)LU9AEA31/05/200018:15
LX (Luxembourg)LX2DX18/05/200010:50
LY (Lithuania)LY2FN20/07/199918:30
LZ (Bulgaria)LZ2CC19/05/200015:10
OD (Lebanon)OD5PN28/05/200009:13
OE (Austria)OE5NEL19/06/199516:55
OF-OI (Finland)OH3NLP06/05/200010:45
OHØ (Aland Is.)OHØRB10/06/200016:39
OJØ (Market Reef)OJØVR07/06/200210:17
OK-OL (Czech Republic)OK1KT06/04/200022:53
OM (Slovak Republic)OM3KFF20/07/199920:05
ON-OT (Belgium)ON4ANT30/03/200017:10
OX (Greenland)OX2K29/05/200012:24
OY (Faroe Is.)OY9JD21/07/199517:07
OZ (Denmark)OZ1IEP20/07/199918:35
P4 (Aruba)P49MR27/11/200113:23
PA-PI (Netherlands)PAØLPE06/04/200020:38
PJ2, 4, 9 (Bonaire,CuracPJ2MI26/12/200112:22
PJ5-8 (St.Maarten,Saba,SPJ7M22/06/200720:16
PPØ-PYØ (Fernando de NorPYØFM23/10/200110:38
PP-PY (Brazil)PY2CDS23/09/199921:15
PZ (Suriname)PZ5RA20/06/200014:13
SØ (Western Sahara)SØ7URE13/06/199516:25
S5 (Slovenia)S59A15/06/199520:48
S9 (Sao Tome & Princip)S92DX01/12/200011:34
SA-SM (Sweden)SM1LPU27/06/199516:12
SN-SR (Poland)SP9MRK18/06/199518:34
ST (Sudan)ST2SA27/10/200011:06
SU (Egypt)SU9ZZ17/06/200115:11
SV5 (Dodecanese)SV5BYR28/10/199910:34
SV9 (Crete)SV9ANK28/05/200011:27
SV-SZ (Greece)SV1EN16/07/199516:55
T7 (San Marino)T72EB/A16/05/200013:46
TA-TC (Turkey)TA1AZ27/06/200017:20
TF (Iceland)TF5CW20/06/199511:56
TG, TD (Guatemala)TG9AJR16/11/200115:37
TI, TE (Costa Rica)TI5BX31/10/200114:21
TK (Corsica)TK/DL7HZ22/05/200014:02
TR (Gabon)TROA/B04/04/200011:30
TT (Chad)TT8JE27/06/200114:44
TU (Cote d'Ivoire)TU2MA30/10/200013:58
TZ (Mali)TZ6VV27/10/199915:55
UA-UI1,3,4,6, (EuropeanR3VHF23/06/199515:54
UJ-UM (Uzbekistan)UK9AA26/10/200108:05
UN-UQ (Kazakhstan)UN3G29/05/200012:16
UR-UZ, EM-EO (Ukraine)UT6X27/06/199521:12
V2 (Antigua & Barbuda)V26HS22/06/200717:35
V4 (St.Kitts & Nevis)V44KAI22/06/200717:27
V5 (Namibia)V51KC04/04/200010:44
VE, VO, VY (Canada)VE1PZ19/06/199523:03
VK (Australia)VK6DIR08/11/200009:26
VP2E (Anguilla)VP2EDH22/06/200717:22
VP2V (British Virgin Is.VP2V/W6JK09/07/200021:18
VP5 (Turks & Caicos Is.)VP5/K5CM14/11/200113:12
VP8 (Falkland Is.)VP8CMT27/05/200017:04
VS6, VR2 (Hong Kong)VR2XMT01/11/200010:22
VU (India)VU2ZAP30/10/200108:50
XA-XI (Mexico)XE1KK16/11/200114:27
XT (Burkina Faso)XT2OW13/10/200014:46
XU (Cambodia)XU7ABF28/10/200008:53
XW (Laos)XWØX31/10/200109:15
YB-YH (Indonesia)YB5QZ26/10/200109:37
YI (Iraq)YI9OM03/02/200209:25
YL (Latvia)YL2DX17/06/199509:27
YO-YR (Romania)YO7VJ15/07/199517:58
YS (El Salvador)YS1RR16/11/200113:36
YT-YU, YZ (Serbia)YU1QC27/06/199516:05
YV-YY (Venezuela)YV1DIG30/10/200112:40
Z2 (Zimbabwe)Z21KQ06/05/200016:34
Z3 (Macedonia)Z31JA19/05/200015:49
ZA (Albania)ZA/N7BHC19/05/200010:19
ZB2 (Gibraltar)ZB2CF21/05/200019:09
ZC4 (UK Sov. Base Areas)ZC4FL14/06/200016:03
ZD7 (St. Helena)ZD7VC30/05/200018:32
ZD8 (Ascension I.)ZD8SIX07/11/200009:45
ZF (Cayman Is.)ZF1DC16/11/200114:31
ZR-ZU (South Africa)ZS6EZ16/10/199912:03
Total: 179
Map of worked squares on 6m G0RUZ

Map of large worked squares on 6m G0RUZ from NWRC

Map of worked squares NA on 6m G0RUZ

North America on 6m

As you can see the openings to North America were spectacular during cycle 23, I logged well over 1000 different US calls. Happy days and some huge pileups. I even worked some of my 2m EME pals which was great fun.




Here are thumbnails of the regions; just click on the thumbnail for a full sized image, I’ll add the rest later bed time!

Map of worked squares EU on 6m G0RUZ

Europe on 6m








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  1. Look forward to it. Ill be in for late night visits

  2. The 3 weeks for the amplifier has now turned into 5 and counting……..

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