Feb 032014

North Wakefield Radio Club won the 70 MHz section of the RSGB Christmas Cumulative Contests 2013.


The results are out and as band leaders the club gets a certificate which will be proudly displayed on the wall in due course. Let us hope that it is the first of many. We have achieved a lot on 4m from very humble beginnings in 2013 and so it is now time to turn our attention to the other VHF bands. The Tuesday evening RSGB UK Activity Contests (UKAC) are really good fun and there is plenty of activity.  The next band to get a major upgrade is likely to be 1296MHz (23cms) with a mast head preamp and an increase in power from 5w at the antenna to 30W (later 125W), this will be closely followed by 144 MHz which will be an EME capable station. It is hoped to be 6 x 1.8WL yagis which have very short booms (3.73m or 12 feet 22732 inches) and will be stacked in a 3 x 2 array which will not make the antenna too sharp for contest use, in fact not too different from the single antenna (6.265m or 20 feet 6 3/4 inches) that we have up on 2m now. As the system will have vertical elements as well as horizontal it will be ‘interesting’ to see which repeaters can be accessed.  Probably French, Dutch and Belgian repeaters on a flat band!

Finally 70cms will get a revamp with a new transverter, masthead LNA, a new PA (the PCB’s have just been ordered today) and a pair of new antennas.

The intention is to make G4NOK a competitive station on VHF and above contests. Anyone who wants to learn how to do the contests or who can operate on any of the bands in the UKAC please let us know as we can also enter the affiliated society section of the contests as well.


Conrad G0RUZ


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